Fomor in Seattle

Session 1 - The Fomor Attack

Session started with Vladimir and Milton having brief phone conversations with their respective organizations, while in The Drowned Sow

Warden Ramirez called Vladimir, to inform him that a number of Red Courts had, that morning, blown right the hell up. At the same time a major magical effect had gone off in south america that nobody was entirely sure the cause of, but Ramirez was almost positive it had something to do with Warden Dresden.

Milton had a much briefer phone call from the head of security for Pernot. Apparently, two of the Red Court who were in the (warded) building had their chests explode out, killing them. And then, none of the other contacts in the Court were able to be reached. He was warned that the Red Court might consider this a breach of protocol, and thus it might require some handholding.

Tommy, on the other hand, just sat and drank.

Almost immediately after their phone conversations ended, the windows exploded in, bringing crazy fishmen in along with a bunch of brackish water from the Sound. One of the fishmen in charge shouted at them to grab the minor powers, three of them grabbed the people at the table right next to the window, and jumped back into the water.

Then, before anyone else could move, Wizard Vladimir raised his arms, causing half inch thick sheets of ice to form over the windows, replacing the glass. This caused the fishmen to reorient, deciding that a wizard was a fantastic target for abduction. They tried to swarm around him, but there were too many tables and stuff in the way for them to get him well surrounded.

At which point, Tommy O’Dearg, stepped up, put his hand through the back of the leaders head, turned and headbutted another to the ground with a sharp snapping sound of a broken neck. The third quickly surrendered to Milton and his gun.

The wizard quickly determined that they were Fomor, crazy fishmen who hadn’t been seen in a thousand years, who stole magical beings (and mortal users of magic) to use as incubators for their young. Upon attempting to interrogate their prisoner, the realized that he only was speaking to them in a weird burbling whistling language that none of them spoke.

Milton called around, getting a translator who was willing to come down on short notice who could potentially speak the language, but before the translator could arrive, The King of the Goblin Market arrived. He thanked the group for their assistance in defending his realm, telling them that drinks were on him that evening, but the Wizard was more interested in getting those captured people back.

They decided that, even knowing that they were unlikely to be far from water, there was too much ground to search in too short a time, so decided to summon an Undine in order to ask it questions. Milton checked his files and came up with a partial Name for one of the local water spirits, and knew a good location to summon her. A quick boat ride later, and they were ripping seaweed out of the water in order to make a summoning circle. The wizard easily summoned and bound her, calling on his training and well made circle to bind her into answering questions as to the location of the hostages. But the negotiations were taking too long for Tommy, who leapped into the circle to attack her. As soon as the circle broke, he was sucked under the surface, and had to fight to swim back.
A short while later, the Undine returned, demanding a favor in return for the information she had. When Vladimir started to talk, Milton stepped in, and was able to negotiate terms that both parties found acceptable. To wit: Vladimir (but not the white council) would owe her a favor, and he would forget the portion of her Name that he had learned.


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